Decentralized exchange (STREAMITY)


With one of a kind supporting and wellbeing highlights ‘Streamity’ is separated with other conventional digital currency trades. Fears and consequent requests of clients at digital money discussion for business point of view in a safe way have been tended to completely with relatively low commission.

Endeavors consolidated for fruitful propelling of the framework are fundamentally of improved security highlights while mulling over specialized angles also.

Related highlights of fix cryptographic money rates, purchaser vender security affirmation framework and day in and day out specialized help are more than appropriate for specialists and in addition learners thinking of it as a supporting zone. Tokens utilized for this plateform are called ‘STM tokens”.

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Centered Mechanism/StreamDesk:

The stage is based and foundation of a controlled exchange framework concentrating on one work area working framework named as “StreamDesk”. The reason for existing is to give purchasers and dealers, a one unit exchange stage with every unified office like the security of assets by utilizing ‘keen contract’ and arrangement of round the clock specialized help.

Alternate reasons for what reason to purchase STM tokens is as per the following: –

Honest to goodness Option:

There is dependably an inquiry that how one can trust on ‘digital money’ trade. Subsequently, the organization holds a physical appearance, the same is enrolled in Singapore for the sake of “Streamity PTE. LTD”. The tokens, consequently, can be bought authoritatively and having an enrollment with physical appearance makes it an honest to goodness choice to contribute.

No Commission:

No commission is required to be paid by early financial specialists.

Roused group:

It has been guaranteed to give roused and dynamic help through profoundly proficient engineers.

Shrewd Contract:

Shrewd Contract, a security highlight, briefly pieces digital money till the purchaser makes installment to the vender specifically.

When vender gets cash ‘Keen Contract’ gets the motion through ‘StreamDesk’ Mechanism.

Thusly, unblocks cryptocurrency, the same is then sent to purchaser’s record.

As talked about over, the instalment conviction is guaranteed with recognition of zero hazard rates as the framework is actually upheld with a group of expert engineers.

Extra Support:

Regardless of the above security highlight; Streamity furnishes round the clock specialized help with day in and day out accessibility. In the event that any deceitful action is made, which is however self-evident, and still, after all that a purchaser or merchant can contact whenever. Subsequently, prompt alleviation is given after entire check and so on.

Beginning Coin Offering (ICO) Campaign:

In an ICO crusade, the organization offers introductory financial specialists to purchase token cash like STM Token, for example, through requested money for raising money and alluring a short time later benefit is additionally advertised.

As every single other organization, ‘streamity’ is additionally going to begin ICO crusade for raising assets being required for foundation of finish physical and benefit conveyance structure, the establishment of essential setups and partnered utilities for the legitimate working of offered benefits.

The White Paper has likewise been issued by the organization as an essential for beginning effective ICO battle.

Staying within strives as the ‘Streamity’ holds an enrolled physical office. In this way, putting resources into ICO crusade of the said organization is dependable in light of the fact that every one of the organizations will undoubtedly restore the cash to the speculators if required assets are not raised by any organization inside stipulated day and age.


Starting with ‘Streamity’ through ICO is a superior choice for experienced financial specialists and in addition novices by keeping in see the security highlights and a while later specialized help. The StreamDesk stage is the solid component of ‘Savvy Contract’ and secure Buyer and Purchaser Transaction System.



Streamity gathers assets to dispatch StreamDesk DAPP. StreamDesk is the P2P cryptographic money trade stage. Additionally, the Streamity guide incorporates the improvement of news and investigation, speculation and instructive assets.

Token nature:

Streamity token (STM) is the key component of the Streamity medium. The STM is the inner cash of the undertaking. It implies that all administrations of the undertaking are relied upon to be paid just in STM.

Token write:

STM-tokens will be discharged on the Ethereum stage utilizing the ERC 20 standard.

A number of tokens:

The quantity of STMs issued is entirely restricted to 180,000,000 tokens. The STMs won’t be issued later on. An endless supply of this number of tokens ICO will be considered as finished and further accumulation stages will be halted.

Estimation of the token:

The estimation of one token equivalents 0.2$. Tokens will be dispersed relatively inside the measure of speculations gained amid the ICO battle, including extra rewards and rewards.

Monetary forms acknowledged:

Accessible buy strategies: BTC, LTC, ETH, ETC, USD, EUR

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Streamity: Powerful, Tenable and Trusted Digital Currency Exchange Gateway


There are such huge numbers of crypto trades guaranteeing of giving security, speedier execution of exchanges, easy to use interface and high security however regardless we hear a large number of protests from unsatisfied dealers. This demonstrates these stages, regardless of whether particularly intended for the digital currency or other Forex trades offering included crypto exchanging administrations have breakdowns and shortcomings in their stages. We comprehend the significance of having a solid and proficient exchanging stage where every one of these escape clauses is tended to and streamity is only the correct response to these grievances. Streamity is an effective trade for the exchanging of cryptographic forms of money with abnormal state security, easy to understand exchanging stage and insignificant commission expenses and offers sensible market costs for trades.

STM Tokens

This stage speaks to STM Tokens and to take focal points of this energizing exchanging instrument, one have to purchase these tokens. The aggregate number of tokens created won’t surpass 186 million and there will be no more generation a while later. These tokens can be purchased utilizing USD, BTC, ETH, EUR, ETC and LTC. Amid the pre-ICO these tokens will be accessible at a 30% markdown. The deal will be open from 12, March 2018 with 20% rebate on the principal date and 15% markdown up till 25Th March, 2018. In the following stage, between sixteenth April, 2018 to 29th April, 2018, the markdown will be decreased to 10%.


Distinction amongst Streamity and other exchanging stages

The stage of Streamity, StreamDesk Platform is anything but difficult to use for all level of brokers (Beginners, centre level and specialists) to change over monetary standards. It additionally has a more responsive all day, every day specialized help and client administrations to help the merchants with their issues. Dealers spare more cash with its low bonuses, no shrouded charges and fix rates.

Security advantages of the stage

With StreamDesk, both the purchasers and the dealers appreciate an idiot-proof security of their exchanges. It utilizes Smart Contracts which obstructs the cryptographic money of the merchant until the point when he doesn’t get its equivalent measure of Fiat cash in his record. After the instalment has come in merchant’s record, it sends a solitary to the stage to open the Smart Contract and purchaser at that point gets the exchanged cryptographic forms of money.


How StreamDesk functions

StreamDesk is a decentralized distributed stage in which both the gatherings are simply the dealers instead of the organizations like banks. Hence, there are no additional charges to be paid to these regular money related organizations. This uses blockchain innovation to give more suspicion that all is well and good to the stakeholders and offer better time administration component.


Key highlights of Streamity

It utilizes Smart Contracts to make it more secure and takes after KYC approach to build up its legitimate status which is a rare component in different trades. When we discuss the low commission, in the greater part of the cases it is zero percent and in outrageous cases, it is most extreme of 2%. This stage offers a choice to the merchants to set the estimation of cryptographic money near the current swapping scale. The framework likewise naturally computes a normal market an incentive by social event data from different trades.


Recognized highlights of Streamity

Qualification of this trade is that it doesn’t just give trade benefits yet it gives a couple of more added administrations to enable dealers to be more ingenious. It offers innovative assets for blockchain innovation to help the exchanging group. The following are few of the additional highlights of this stage:

Recognized highlights of Streamity

Qualification of this trade is that it doesn’t just give trade benefits however it gives a couple of more added administrations to enable brokers to be more ingenious. It offers mechanical assets for blockchain innovation to help the exchanging group. The following are few of the additional highlights of this stage:

Gives Data preparing

Gives Investment choice

Gives Educational administrations

Gives investigation

Remarkable instructional classes for specialists

Gives most recent industry news and thoughts

Token Sales Details:

20% – the reward is given amid the main day of the token deal (stage #1)

15% – the reward is given beginning from the second day of the stage #1 until the finish of this stage

Begin: 12.03.2018 (9:00 AM GMT)

End: 25.03.2018 (9:00 AM GMT)

Amount of tokens accessible amid the main period of ICO:100,000,000 STM

The digital forms of money accepted: BTC, LTC, ETH, ETC, USD, EUR

Tokens trade rate:1 STM = 0,2 USD

This cost does exclude rewards, please check the reward program


Vladislav Kuznetsov CEO Founder

Dmitry Martianov CTO Co-Founder

Oles Sribny Head of Investment

Maksim Smirnov Software Engineer

Sergey Bevzenko Back-end Developer

Rules Further data about Stremity and how to function, points of interest on ICO terms and data about every other viewpoint you can discover on site, in web-based social networking systems and in White Paper of the undertaking in the connections given underneath











The older style of broadcast marketing has long been dead. Even the targeted advertising that the
digital revolution ushered in is not as effective anymore. The increased clutter on the marketing
channels has pushed the audience to not just tune out marketing messages but use ad blockers so
they never get to see advertisements when browsing online.

This does not mean that the consumer today does not look for advice on what she should buy. For
such an advise she goes to someone she considers an expert in the area of interest. These “experts”
who can influence her decision are the best channel to reach the target audience. It should come as
no surprise that Influencer Marketing has become an integral part of any marketing campaign today.
Many marketing experts believe, all things equal, campaigns that use influencers are more effective
than the ones that don’t.

While advertisers of all size want to invest in influencer marketing, the process remains very complex
as today. Unreliable KPIs make it difficult for most to even measure the success of their campaign,
and the return on investment remains questionable. SocialMedia.Market steps in here to solve the
issues both the brands and influencers face while entering into and executing marketing contracts.

Brands find it difficult to work with a large pool of influencers directly, and therefore limit them to not
more than 30 per campaign. They could instead choose to work with an agency, but that increases
the marketing spend on influencers by at least 30%. To add to their misery, they cannot easily verify
that the person they are negotiating with is indeed who he claims to be. Even if they have got into a
contract with the right influencer, it is difficult to ensure that the output meets the expectations they
had from the influencer. What if he refuses to edit his content to meet the brand requirement? How
reliable are the content engagement analytics being shared? Influencers run into a similar gamut of
problems including fraudulent agents, agency managers, and even advertisers. If they are working
with an agent – he takes away up to 50% of the revenues from advertisers and of the remaining a
substantial portion is spent on promotion and content generation, leaving very little to take home.

The issues that plague the influencer marketing space at the moment are:

  1. Fraud: Difficult to authenticate participants, difficult to enforce agreements, fake follower count
    and fraudulent engagement statistics
  2. Uncertain pricing: The presence of intermediaries makes price discovery problematic. One does not
    know what one is paying for, and there is no guarantee of efficiency.
  3. Payment complexity: Since the participants are spread across the globe, multiple payment methods
    need to be maintained by all participants, adding to the overhead costs involved.
  4. Low accessibility: Influencer marketing space is not accessible to small and medium businesses
    because of the high costs involved. Similarly, micro-influencers face a problem of discoverability in a
    chaotic marketplace.
  5. Difficult to maintain relationships: Given the influencers prefer to only interact through online
    channels and could be a people from all stages of life, it becomes difficult to maintain a relationship
    with all of them.
  6. Limited campaign diversity: Running an influencer marketing campaign in-house takes up a lot of
    time. This limits the number of influencers a brand can work with. But working with a large number of
    micro-influencers is known to generate deeper engagement that working with a small number of
    influencers who have a large follower count.
  7. Difficulty in selecting right partners: Discovery is a problem in this large a market. It is difficult to
    find out which brands and influencers fit best together. A survey conducted by Tomoson found that
    more than half of the participants reported better quality leads as a result of Influencer Marketing –
    proving how important getting the right fit is.
  8. Unreliable KPIs: Determining ROI on the marketing spend is difficult as the influencer may not even
    have the analytics set in the right manner.

Screenshot (14).png

SocialMedia.Market platform resolves these issues by automating many steps of the process. The
immediate advantage over the current ad-hoc system of engagement include:

  1. Transparent and competitive marketplace making price discovery easy
  2. A single place to find influencers across social media platforms including YouTube, Instagram,
    Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Quora etc.
  3. Reduced operational costs as middlemen are removed from the system and overheads reduced
  4. Accessible even to micro-influencers and small and medium businesses.
  5. More effective use of marketing time and resources
  6. Ability to create smart contracts that meet the specific requirements of each relationship.
  7. Dispute resolution system utilizing decentralized Blockchain technology and fair arbitrators.
  8. Real-time analytics on the hosted campaign with actionable insights based on big data analytics
  9. Global outreach allowing a wide variety of influencers to be roped in for the campaign.

SocialMedia.Market platform manages to achieve these benefits by providing a unique set of features
to each of the participants. This set has been developed based on our deep and varied experience in
the field, working with both brands and influencers.

  1. Secure payments: One of the challenges participants face is deciding when the contract fees should
    be paid. The influencers are worried that they will not be paid despite performing their tasks, and the

brands think they may not get satisfactory results if they pay upfront. SocialMedia.Market uses an
Ethereum based escrow system to resolve this conundrum. The funds are held within the system and
automatically released to the influencer on satisfactorily completing the contract.

  1. Decentralized dispute resolution system: The measure of the quality of content produced by an
    influencer can be subjective. This makes it difficult to resolve any disputes that may arise between the
    parties involved. Most platforms do not provide any resolution system, and those that do so for a fee
    tend to favor the paying party. SocialMedia.Market is different as it provides for a fair decentralized
    dispute resolution system. The mechanism is such that the arbitrators are not beholden to any of the
    parties involved in the dispute.
  2. Participant authentication: SocialMedia.Market verifies the identity of all its participants while on-
    boarding them on the Blockchain. Further, a two-factor authentication system is used to ensure that
    participants are who they claim to be.
  3. Reduced overheads: Using SocialMedia.Market platform gives all the participants a single point
    from where all the details of the influencer campaign across social media platforms and geographies
    can be managed. This not only streamlines the process but also reduces the management time and
    overhead required. Further, the step-by- step process for setting up the ad campaign with a smart-
    contract simplifies cooperation across all stages.
  4. Communication made easy: SocialMedia.Market platform provides the participants with in-built
    CRM-system, in-platform chat app, Smart Contract templates, chat tips, instant notifications and a
    mobile app making it easy to stay up-to- date with the progress and communicate with the team in
    the fly.

The brands that have tried out the SocialMedia.Market platform are especially delighted by the ability
to access influencers all over the world at just a few clicks. Some of the features they swear by

  1. Unlimited access to micro-influencers: Microinfluencers are the most effective way to reach a
    community in a personalized manner. A micro influencers campaign on SocialMedia.Marker can easily
    be scaled up to reach a wider audience, without losing the personal touch that these smaller
    influencers bring.
  2. Optimized campaign costs: Influencer marketing platforms charge as much as 50% commission to
    let you work with their influencers. SocialMedia.Market reduces these costs significantly by removing
    the middlemen wherever possible. Plus it also reduces the cost associated with discovering the right
    influencer and transactional costs that banks and payment gateways may charge. This results in a
    much lower campaign cost for the brands, and an improved ROI.
  3. Smart matching: SocialMedia.Market uses machine learning algorithms that utilize image
    recognition, natural language processing, and engagement analytics to identify influencers who best
    match a brand’s image, campaign requirements, and product category. Given the difficulty in sorting
    through a large number of potential micro-influencers, this saves the brands a lot of time and effort.
  4. Precision in selecting target group: Marketers can choose influencers based on the number of
    followers they have, the quality of engagement they generate, the geographic location of the
    followers, the estimated demographic/psychographic profile of the followers, the topics they are

interested in, etc. This kind of precision targeting makes for a far successful campaign as the brands
manage to generate much higher quality leads.

  1. Real-time analytics: SocialMedia.Market provides real-time analytics based mentions,
    engagements, true reach, and ROI. The big data analytics built into the platform generates actionable
    insights for the campaign manager. Further, the platform provides a detailed report with top-line
    metrics, the impact of each Influencer and the user-generated content that was produced as a direct
    result of the campaign.
  2. Social media optimization: SMO is as important a part of digital marketing as SEO and SMM.
    SocialMedia.Market tools are built to help the brands to utilize the latest trends in SMO, and hence
    help boost their ranking with search engines.

SocialMedia.Market is a boon to micro-influencers. Since they love this platform, all the brands who
want to work with them also have to be here. Some of the features that make the platform their top
choice are:

  1. No entry barrier: Most influencer platforms today allow only the influencers with high follower
    count to participate. SocialMedia.Market does not impose any such barrier and allows even the
    influencers who are just starting out to build their presence online to participate in the market. This
    also opens up high-quality content monetization opportunities for micro-influencers.
  2. Easy engagement with brands: With SocialMedia.Market, the influencer gets to engage directly
    with the brands she is working with. No need to worry about whether the intermediary is blocking the
    view. Further, the platform acts as a single point to get approval on content across channels and
    allows for a more integrated transmedia campaign to be designed.
  3. Instant payments: One of the biggest worries of a micro influencers is the delay in payments she
    has to face more often than not. Sometimes an advertiser may even disappear once the task is
    complete – as the interaction is completely online. SocialMedia.Market solves this issue by acting as
    an escrow and guaranteeing payment as soon as the contract is satisfactorily executed.
  4. Actionable insights for channel development: Microinfluencers usually do not have the expertise
    to set up analytics that will help them improve their channel. SocialMedia.Market takes away this
    pain and generates actionable insights for the influencers.
  5. Clear task assignment: A complaint one often hears from micro-influencers is that the brands are
    not clear on what they needs to be done. This is where the smart contracts on Ethereum come in
    handy, and the process built on SocialMedia.Market ensures that clear tasks with well-defined
    timelines are assigned to each of the influencer participating in a campaign.

While the layman may still associate Blockchain with Bitcoins, the technology has in fact moved on.
With applications like SocialMedia.Market, the trust network that the Blockchain builds is being used
to solve real-world problems. This platform is set to revolutionize the influencer marketing space by
making it accessible to even small players who would otherwise find it excessively costly to engage in.




Screenshot (10).png

Introduction Synthestech Token (ICO)

Innovations have changed the measurements of each field of life. We will particularly discuss the organizations and how it has been progressed through the assistance of innovation. We have seen various money related monsters toping the business just with the assistance of new tech thoughts.

Bitcoin is a thing of late circumstances and how impactful it has driven the business sectors is nothing unexpected. The new rising in this area is Synthestech. Indeed it is an advanced token which has a solid reason for its reality. The system of this potential venture alternative based on the substance transmutation of a modest component to an exorbitant and valuable component, for example, gold, silver, palladium, Osmium.

Along these lines, now we have comprehended that how this framework will produce income and advantage the financial specialists. We call it a strong base which gives rationale and urges new speculators to make their fortune. We will step by step uncover how this Laboratory of changing over crude and modest material into another exorbitant component functions as a business.

This venture is good to go to go into Platinum Metal Market which is worth around $15. Since the change to vital metals brings about a physical resource in the state of Gold or some other expensive component, it makes it more dependable when contrasted with Bitcoin. Moreover, the finished result is a traditional metal which is in the market since ages and will stay as long as this world exists. So, it gives a lot of feeling that all is well with the world to the speculators.

In what capacity will it work?

Not at all like other online tech-organizations where the generation of their benefits is brought out in a concealed world through Miners and software engineers, it works in a more unmistakable manner. The majority of this change happens in a Laboratory all around outfitted with present-day machines under the supervision of awesome experts. In this investigative research centre, all the division and refinement of the components is performed to create chilly transmutation reactors.


It is wanted to execute 1000 investigations in the research facility to on trial premise. Many pilot models of icy transmutation framework will be built up to expand modern innovation. After this trial stage, this undertaking will make a passage into the universal market to pick up the business and money-related advantages.

Synthestech Token:

It will be a token based business where every one of the exchanges will be completed in Tokens. 1 Synthestic token’s underlying quality is equivalent to $1. The cost of this token will increment to 100 and 1000 of times once

the undertaking advances. These tokens can be purchased in return of Bitcoins.

Chilly Transmutation:

These qualities are created by a technique called cool transmutation. This innovation was presented as of late yet we have actualized it after effectively testing it for many circumstances. Because of Cold Transmutation, we got platinum amass metals. The imperative thing about creating metals from this innovation is that the estimation of these valuable metals does not break down or diaper.

Its modern utility:

Approaching to perceive how it really helps distinctive parts of the industry, for example, wellbeing industry, electronic industry and gems industry. The components acquired through this procedure are utilized by adornments industry. Close to metals, important isotopes are likewise gotten because of icy transmutation which is profoundly requested by gadgets industry. These components have biogenic properties which drive it to medication industry where it is utilized to build the anticipation of life

How this task will be supported:

Each part of this task is intelligent and is driven by a strong arrangement of procedures. The financing of this venture will be gathered from the speculators and the accomplices. The Synthestech Tokens will be created through Token Generation Event (TGE) which will be sold to the speculators and different partners and the assets will be utilized as a part of lab development and improvement of the innovation. It can be purchased through Bitcoin or Etherium monetary standards.

Current situation of Synthetic Tokens:

Here is the situation for the offer of these tokens. It has three phases, Private pre-deal, Crowd pre-deal (Pre ICO) and Crowd deal. The aggregate number of the token deal is appeared as beneath:

30, 00000 Tokens for Early speculators trade support

150,000 Tokens for Bounty Campaign

60,0000 for pre-deal

14250000 tokens for Crowd deal









Things About Synthestech Token (ICO)

Ideal speculation parts of ‘SYNTHESTECH Tokens’

After acceptance of ‘SYNTESTECH’ as speculation open door in ‘Token Currency” related organizations, insignificant to the next digital money like ‘Bitcoin’ has made individuals consider and investigate upon it as it has increased solid fascination by individuals searching for new and perfect venture alternatives. Transformation of these musings is because of surpassing estimations of well known ‘Bitcoin’ as starting with ‘Bitcoin’ nowadays is to a great degree cost.

Learning point of view But to find out about ‘SYNTESTECH’ by definition and additionally by the framework, an exhaustive system is essentially required by the speculators, to be comprehended, which is extremely troublesome for those individuals who are actually or logically less-taught. Since the wording and in addition actualized technique require impressive logical learning substance based, which is a protracted subject to get it. Endeavors are being made in this to present outline of ‘SYNTESTECH’ while brief is likewise kept exceptionally engaged.


What is ‘SYNTHESTECH’ is separated from the word ‘amalgamation which characterizes as “the arrangement or mix of parts/components to shape an entire resultant component”. In this manner, to be exact “SYNTHESTECH” signifies ‘a framework for a change of one component or cores into another like gold or silver either normally or falsely utilizing crude material and so forth’. Or then again Transmutation (characteristic way) and Cold Transmutation (counterfeit route) of Chemical components for getting valuable or seldom discovered components like Platinium, Palladium, Ruthenium, Osmium, Iridium and so on. Moreover, the framework is token based additionally gave resources, so there is a probability to return ventures. Along these lines, it is considerably more secure as contrast with ‘bitcoin’ and other like insightful alternatives.

Oncept engaged As far as Synthestech acquaintance is obligatory with the reason, fundamental concentration is dependably a sound idea. The idea is to satisfy the insufficiency of supply as contrast with request w.r.t. Profitable components while inquire about is engaged as a principle wellspring of progress. The down to earth usage of the idea is examined in continuing paras.

Picked Procedure selected that will be predominantly consider as the entire framework depends on that. As Low Energy Nuclear Reactions – LENR or transmutation implies transformation of base materials into gold or silver either normally or falsely, that likewise creates vitality. in this manner, SYNTHESTECH centers around changing over components or crude material into important compound components that are sought after in numerous cutting-edge industry branches, for example, solution, pharmacology, microelectronics and industry and so on. It is additionally worth specifying that prominent researchers/experienced analysts have been/are totally given for the assignment which mirrors the nature of execution of the thought.

Why ‘SYNTHESTECH’ While adequate research work has been finished yet the goal isn’t left empty hence, the same is kept in advance, and in addition the ‘SYNTHESTECH’ is likewise hoping to execute the tried hypothesis essentially by building up a lab complex with establishment of all fundamental logical hardware, which unquestionably require adequate speculation. To gain speculation; mulling over the fame of use of ICOs and Token deal is currently being done likewise by assortment of activities. The ‘SYNTESTECH’ has begun ICO battle which won’t just draw in specialists yet in addition speculators to pick up benefit. SYNTHESTECH is a standout amongst the most encouraging and dependable undertaking among ICOs with holding a decent achievement rate as of now.

Anxiety Hence, ‘SYNTHESTECH’ will increase physical appearance with benefit affirmation as it will likewise get a status of Industry itself for generation of valuable materials with minimal effort of assembling and well on the way to be productive when contrasted with the request of such valuable materials/components.

Token Details :

Token: STT

Value: 1 STT = 1 USD

Reward: Available

Stage: Ethereum

Tolerating: ETH, BTC, Fiat

Delicate top: 1,000,000 USD

Hard top: 14,000,000 USD

Nation: Switzerland

Whitelist/KYC: Whitelist

Group of Synthestech:

Vladislav Karabanov: Head and Founder of the Project

Dmitry Pushkarev: Manager of Engineering Work

Roman Karabanov: Head of Laboratory “Synthestech”

Nadezhda Fedyakina: Community supervisor

Rules Further data about Synthestech’s and how to function, points of interest on ICO terms and data about every single other angle you can discover on site, in web-based social networking systems and in White Paper of the venture in the connections given underneath

Synthestech site ttps://

White Paper

Token Seal Details